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Если житель этого города не вернет взятую в библиотеке книгу, то в качестве наказания у него изымают библиотечную карточку и не отдают до тех пор, пока он не вернет книгу.

7.68.040 Library privileges suspended for failure to return material.

No person who, after receiving a demand for the return of any Wauwatosa Public Library material, shall take or check out any material from such library, and their library card shall be turned in to the library and their library privileges suspended until such time as the material demanded has either been returned or just compensation made for such material based upon a value determined by the librarian. The library privileges of a parent or guardian may also be suspended in accordance with the responsibility provided for in 7.68.050.

Ord. O-77-103 § 1 (part), 1977