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Транспортным средствам запрещено ездить по тротуарам.

Sec. 12-1-511. Motor vehicles prohibited on pathways.

Any publicly owned pathway or lane designed for pedestrians or bicycles shall not be traversed or utilized in any way by any of the following:
(1) Cars, trucks, tractors, or any other motorized vehicles, with the exception of emergency vehicles, authorized maintenance vehicles, or electric-powered wheelchairs for the handicapped.
(2) Motorcycles, motor-assisted bicycles such as mopeds, motorscooters, golf carts, lawn mowers, all-terrain vehicles, go-carts, or any other similar, small motorized vehicles.
(3) Horses or any other large animals, except for small pets such as dogs and cats on a leash.
(4) Surreys and other types of carriages.

(Ord. No. 90-25, § 1, 9-17-90)