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В местных телефонных сетях запрещено использовать телефонные аппараты с функцией автодозвона.

Sec. 18-501. Defined.

Dialing devices, for the purpose of this article, are those devices of any description or nature, either electronic or mechanical that may be attached to or programmed into telephones which by an abbreviated process dial telephone numbers or provide a prerecorded message or both.

(Ord. No. 83-4501, § 1(20.15.010), 2-28-83)

Sec. 18-502. Improper use.

It is unlawful for any person to program or in any way cause any dialing device, automatic or otherwise, to automatically dial any number, emergency or otherwise in the city communication center or to program or cause any prerecorded taped message to be played to any number, emergency or otherwise, in the city communication center.

(Ord. No. 83-4501, § 1(20.15.020), 2-28-83)