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A. Emergency Regulations: The City Council may impose emergency regulations pertaining to the conservation of water by resolution of the City Council and by giving notice by publication or by posting in the City Hall and at such public places as the City Council may direct. (1971 Code § 26-17)

B. Watering Lawns And Gardens:

1. The watering and sprinkling of lawns and/or gardens shall be permitted on even-numbered days for property with even-numbered addresses and on odd-numbered days for property with odd-numbered addresses; except, that any property may be watered on the thirty first day of any month.

2. The foregoing limitations shall apply only to property served by City water.

3. Violation of this subsection shall constitute a petty misdemeanor. (Ord. 603, 9-21-1994)

C. Leak In Service Line: Any owner, occupant, or user of premises who shall discover a leak in a service line to the premises shall notify the Public Works Department within twenty four (24) hours. Any water wasted due to failure of such person to comply with this regulation shall be estimated by the City Water and Wastewater Division and be charged against the owner of such premises at the established rate. (Ord. 672, 11-17-1999; amd. 2000 Code)