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В кинотеатрах под открытым небом (большой экран прямо на улице и огромная автомобильная парковка перед ним) зрителям запрещено выливать купленные напитки на землю.

Sec. 6-33. Conduct and operation; standards for maintenance of premises.

Drive-in theaters shall comply with the following requirements and standards of operation:

(1) Conduct and operation: A person shall maintain quiet and good order upon the premises where any drive-in theater is operated and loitering shall not be permitted in or about the entrances to or exits from such theater.

(2) Standards for maintenance of premises:

a. All drives and areas used by vehicles must be satisfactorily paved or black-topped or treated to avoid creating dust.

b. Individual loudspeakers for each car shall be provided and no central loudspeaker shall be permitted.

c. No person shall place, throw or deposit any food, beverage, paper, bottle or other waste materials upon the premises of any drive-in theater, nor shall such conduct be permitted.

(Code 1961, § 11A-13)