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Закон предусматривает наказание в один год тюремного заключения за использование нецензурных выражений в телефонном разговоре.

Section 5.82.010 Telephone service--Interfering with.

(1) It is unlawful for any person to use, cause to be used, or knowingly permit another to use, any telephone instrument, telephone equipment or telephone facilities for any of the following purposes:

(a) Making any comment, request, suggestion or proposal which is obscene, lewd, las civious, filthy or indecent; or

(b) Making a telephone call, whether or not conversation ensues, with intent to abuse, threaten or harass any person at the called number; or

(c) Making or causing the telephone of another repeatedly to ring; with intent to harass any person at t he called number; or

(d) Making repeated telephone calls, during which conversation ensures, solely to harass any person at the called number; or

(e) Playing any recording on a telephone, except recordings such as weather information or sports information when the number thereof is dialed unless the person or group playing the recording shall identify itself or himself or herself and state that it is a recording; or

(f) Impairing, injuring or damaging the business of any person at the number called.

(2) Any person who shall commit an act prohibit ed by subsection (1) of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars or by one year imprisonment, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

Ord. No. 40-313 § 1