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Гражданам законодательно запрещено кричать и вопить от страха во время посещения дома с привидениями.

Sec. 14-147. Operational requirements.

Operation of a haunted house shall conform to the following requirements:

(1) The proposed structure shall be on property zoned C-4 commercial. Properties located in other zoning categories will require a conditional use permit pursuant to appendix C.

(2) The applicant must comply with minimum city fire department and building inspection division safety recommendations.

(3) The audience of any haunted house must be orderly at all times, and it shall be unlawful for any person attending such haunted house to create a disturbance in the audience.

(4) Amplified sound equipment shall not be permitted outside of the structure used as a haunted house.

Code 1981, § 7-162