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Закон предписывает всем владельцам лошадей установить на лошадей спидометры и не разгоняться быстрее 15 км/ч во время верховой езды.

Sec. 441-105. Effect of this chapter on horses and other animals.

No horse or other animal, either driven or ridden, shall be left unattended, unhitched or insecurely fastened upon any street or public place, or hitched or left at any place when and where the parking of motor vehicles is prohibited and, when so left, the horse or other animal and any vehicle drawn by it shall be subject to all applicable provisions regulating motor vehicles at any such time and place. No horse shall be driven or ridden on any street in the city at a speed in excess of ten (10) miles per hour and every horse shall be kept under control at all times by the person in charge thereof. Such person shall be subject to all applicable traffic regulations that apply to motor vehicles.

Code 1975, § 29-5