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Авиамоделистам разрешается запускать свои авиамодели только над их частной территорией а также над городской территорией, непосредственно прилегающей к городскому моргу.

Sec. 14-44.1. Model airplanes, unlawful to fly except in designated areas.

It shall be unlawful to fly within the city limits of Columbus, Georgia, model airplanes that are propelled by gasoline engines, except in the following described area: (a) Privately owned property where the flight of such planes is confined within the boundary line of the privately owned property. This exception shall be applicable only prior to a complaint having been made to the police department by a person residing in a building the nearest part of which is within 500 feet of the ground over which such planes are flown and notice of such complaint has been given to the private owner by the police department. (b) Property of Columbus, Georgia, north of Macon Road, which lies adjacent to the county morgue.

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