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Занятие предсказанием будущего за денежное вознаграждение является незаконным предпринимательством.

9.24.010 Fortunetelling, Spiritism and Related Activities.

No person shall practice or solicit, advertise or purport to practice, as a business or for any consideration, fee, donation, gratuity, reward or compensation, any art or calling which seeks or purports to predict or foretell future events or the fate or future acts or fortunes of any nation, business, group or person or individual, or which attempts or promises to bring about, cause, result in or influence the achievement or performance of some personal or economic objective, by analysis of parts, products or personal characteristics of a person, or by analysis of any animate or inanimate object including, but not limited to, celestial body, crystal ball, tea leaves, or playing or other cards, or through the exercise of any purported psychic, mediumistic, prophetic, occult, clairvoyant or supernatural power.

Ord. 124 §1, 1976; Ord. 12.1 §1, 1971; Ord. 12 §1, 1967.

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